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Zizi Arcega is a 20-something gal who aspires to write for a hobby or lifestyle magazine someday. She is currently working as an encoder and principal’s secretary for a private school.

Known as A-chan in the local anime and cosplay community in the early 2000’s, she used to be an active member in Filcosplay, a popular cosplay forum in the Philippines. Though not connected with them anymore, she remains to be be a fan of anime, manga and some games to this day. She cosplayed sometime in 2003 but as she is a failure in anything craft-related, she decided to quit after entering in a competition thrice.

Her hobbies include net-surfing, reading and cross-stitching. Blogging is also among her favorite past times and she kept a personal one throughout her college life. She attempted to keep a fandom blog by the time she started working, but it had gone extinct due to boredom. Pixelated Crayons is her attempt to revive the blogging blood which had been asleep for quite sometime.

Zizi loves to stay indoors and is in front of her computer most of the time but she loves shopping just like any ordinary girl. Her favorite things as of the moment are Viz Media translated manga,  90’s anime series (which she is re-watching) and the Facebook game Restaurant City. She is a die-hard fan of The Amazing Race series and has faithfully watched every episode since season 4. She doesn’t mind the Twilight series because she believes it’s just a teen thing. What she loathes are the breeding jejemons and hopes that their stupid fad will die as soon as possible.

Anne “Presea” Plaza is a 28 year old writer who has written for magazines and websites. On her spare time, she dabbles with her social networking accounts in Plurk, Facebook and Twitter while burning productive hours reading manga scanlations. Anne used to be a cosplayer, but decided to cut back on the hobby when she reached the maximum limit in her credit card.

She’s been blogging since 2002 and has kept a game-dedicated blog back in 2007, which reaped recognition within its community. This is hopefully one of her more serious attempts to get back to serious blog writing after spending most of her Internet life in microblogging sites.

Among many other things, Anne is a self-confessed book geek whose greatest dream is to one day have a room full of books. She’s also into bead craft, travel, window shopping and coffee. Anne hates jejemons with a passion that is almost holy.

She lives in Quezon City with her folks and siblings, along with their two dogs, Casper & Carding, black cat Mimiw and a lovebird that remains nameless to this day.

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