The era of glam

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Last year’s American Idol Season 8 runner up, Adam Lambert, heats up the charts with his debut album that sums up one of AI’s best seasons. Ever.

I’m not exactly a great big fan of American Idol. In fact, I was only able to watch a few episodes per season, and I guess most viewers would agree that not all seasons produced great artists. I count myself lucky to have been able to watch Season 8 with a certain level of frequency to have been able to give a fairly reasonable review. But I believe that the even the show’s most frequent viewers will concur that last year had, if not, the most number of great singers with so much potential.

Cue Adam Lambert.

Regardless of his sexual preference, the man is mad hot onstage. There was no other guy throughout the entire season that I looked forward to watching in every episode (well, him & Danny Gokey too..harhar). The guy was a major shoo-in for the plum title, so imagine the level of disbelief and frustration that I went through when Kris Allen won. Stage presence, vocal prowess, hands down…it was Adam Lambert. Sure, Kris has got the talent as well (otherwise, he wouldn’t have made it that far in the competition), but for me and for most people, Adam made a resounding impact.

I’m glad that Adam’s debut album, For Your Entertainment, captured what he was best at. No, I’m not just talking about his vocal belting and his eccentric looks; it was his ability to make people listen when he sings. That’s the impression that I got when I heard the first track, “Music Again”.

I actually liked the succeeding songs, “For Your Entertainment” and “Whataya Want From Me”. The latter, written by Pink and Max Martin, was the first of the album tracks that I heard on local FM radios. “For Your Entertainment” was catchy both in the way it was sung and how it was performed as a music video.

Adam wasn’t just gifted vocally; he was also involved in writing some songs in the album, particularly the tracks “Strut” (with AI judge & songwriter Kara DioGuardi and Greg Wells) and “Aftermath”. Lady Gaga likewise co-wrote the song “Fever”, which was also fun to listen to.

Ok, so we’ve established that Adam can reach insane notes in the spectrum, but for me, there’s this certain “attitude” in the way he sings that makes any song truly his own. Some AI graduates have difficulty in this field, but with Adam’s own brand of singing, it’s already a second nature.

For Your Entertainment is definitely not just for Glambert fans, but for those with unorthodox music tastes.

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