Opening Pandora’s box

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A story of an unconventional girl named Kyoko who decided to take the reins of her life after being used by her so-called true love. But the challenge she must take is something she won’t ever imagine.  Welcome to the glitzy world of Skip Beat!

Childhood friends Kyoko Mogami and Shotaro Fuwa have been inseparable for years in rural Kyoto. Shotaro’s parents own an inn and they want him to take over someday. However, he dislikes the rural life and aspires to go to Tokyo to pursue a career in music. On the day of their middle school graduation, Shotaro invites Kyoko to help him achieve his goal in Tokyo and she happily follows him, saying that she’ll go through whatever means to help him, even if it meant sacrificing her happiness and living a very frugal life.

True to his word, Shotaro succeeds in becoming a music superstar under the stage name “Sho”. And Kyoko couldn’t be happier as she basks in the glorious spotlight that her best friend enjoys. One night, while on her way to deliver Sho’s dinner, she overhears him saying hurtful things about her – that he only invited her to come with him to Tokyo so that she can be his maid and the fact that she’s a boring girl with no appeal at all. Instead of crying her eyes out, Kyoko’s “pandora’s box” opened and vows for revenge. The unruffled Sho tells her that if she wants to get back at him, she must be an even bigger star than him. But Kyoko is a simple country girl who only knows how to do housework. Can she succeed in bringing down the guy who wasted her youthful years for nothing?

Skip Beat! is a 25-episode anime series based from the manga penned by Yoshiki Nakamura which is still ongoing at 23 volumes so far. The anime features the voices of Marina Inoue (Kanmuri of Yakitate Japan, Matsurika of Maria Holic) as the hardworking Kyoko, Mamoru Miyano (Light of Death Note, Tamaki of Ouran Host Club) as the arrogant Sho and Konishi Katsuyuki (Hagi of Blood+, Toya of Ayashi No Ceres) as Ren Tsuruga, the most popular actor in LME, the agency where Kyoko trained.

I personally like watching anime series that feature strong women, thus, the story of Skip Beat! appealed to me. Kyoko is definitely not a pushover and while she shows her weakened state every now and then, she thinks of a way to get over it which is evident when she began to take up acting – a field she knows absolutely nothing about.

The animation is somewhat old-fashioned looking but managed to look pleasing. The story is exciting enough but sadly, the anime had to be cut short as the manga is still ongoing at present. Hopefully, a second season will be on its way soon.  –  Zizi Arcega

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