Back for another serving

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When I’m in TriNoma, there are only two food haunts that I usually frequent, and one of these is Toast Box. Located at the Main Lobby near Fully Booked and Gourdo’s, Toast Box is my favorite place to hang out for a nice, hearty snack.

The place boasts of its authentic Singaporean-inspired breakfast cuisine, featuring the staple kopi and the (coffee and tea), as well as other Singaporean dishes. Whitewashed and decorated to the barest essentials, I find the place cozy and inviting. It’s usually packed with people during weekends as it also shares the space with Bread Talk, a well known bakery that sells the most sumptuous bread and pastries.

Corned beef sandwich

Being the coffee lover that I am, I absolutely love Toast Box’s kopi-c (coffee with condensed milk). Lately, I’ve been loving the cold version of this perfect brew, paired with corned beef sandwich and soft boiled eggs. Their sandwich servings are just right—not too large to finish or too small that you won’t feel like it’s a hearty meal. I particularly order the corned beef sandwich in every visit because the filling is quite generous and flavorful (it can sometimes be messy to eat though). For those who have an aversion to eggs, you’ll find that Toast Box’s soft boiled version is quite enjoyable. I usually mix it with what looks like soy sauce and pepper for a tangy soup-like texture.

Soft boiled eggs in soup-like texture

Admittedly, the place has great food, but the service is a bit of a disappointment. There are only a few of them attending to customers. Confusion sometimes props up when they serve the orders, as if they don’t take note which customer ordered the particular meals.

Nonetheless, I still find myself coming back several times to the place, annoying service quality and all. I guess when you’ve tasted good food, you’ll come back for another serving.  – Presea

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