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May 4, 2010 at 11:50 am 3 comments

Designed by George Fan and released by PopCap Games, Plants vs. Zombies is a highly addictive strategy / tower-defense game that was first released for PC last May 2009. To date, the game has been developed and can now be played in XBOX Live Arcade, Nintendo DS and iPhone.

Every once in a while, you come across a simple yet challenging game that can have you sitting in front of your computer for hours. Horrific zombies are in front of your lawn and are dead set on getting in your house to eat your brains! But don’t worry; you’re not completely empty handed. All you have to do is awaken the green thumb in you and make use of your plant selection to fight these brain-hungry villains and your house is safe. For now.

You begin the game with only a peashooter in your arsenal and as the level goes higher, you are able to unlock more plants each with its own unique purpose in the game. For example, a wall-nut doesn’t directly eliminate zombies, rather, it acts as a wall (thus, it’s name) and buys you time to set up your defense against incoming zombies. Some plants are also for instant use like the jalapeno that incinerates the zombies in its entire lane and the squash that kills the first zombie it sees depending on where you placed it. For every seed you plant, it requires a number of suns that you can get by planting sunflowers on your lawn.

The game has a total of five modes (Day, Night, Pool, Fog and Roof) with 10 levels each. During halftime or before the mode changes to the next one, you get to play easy mini-games that you have to complete to advance. As you progress, you are introduced to more plants and some of them are only useful for a specific mode. There’s the puff-shroom (can only be used during Night and Fog mode) that doesn’t cost you any sun but can only attack at close range. Then there’s the lily pad and the flower pots that are required to plant in the Pool and Roof modes respectively so that you can put plants in it. With limited seed slots, it is your task to plan ahead and strategize by gathering a good set of plants to pass a particular level.

While your plants are versatile, so are your enemies. You have to know their toughness level and find the best way to eliminate them as soon as possible. You begin with a simple garden zombie that can be taken down by a single peashooter and later on, you get to see more like the conehead and bucket zombie, the football and pole-vaulting zombie and even a bungee zombie!

You are also introduced to Crazy Dave, your friendly but crazy neighbor who will give you advice throughout the game and will sell you helpful stuff which you can buy with in-game money. Be aware that his products are rather expensive but definitely worth it and can be used to make your plants and defense stronger.

The game ends after your face-off with Dr. Zomboss, who is apparently the one behind all those zombies you encountered. But surprise! It’s not yet the end. After completing the first round of 50 levels, you get the Zen Garden which allows you to care for your plants to earn money. You’ve also unlocked a wide array of mini-games, puzzles and survival modes that will keep you on your seat for more hours.

Plants vs. Zombies enjoyed very positive reviews from various gaming websites and magazines and was praised for its simple yet gorgeous and imaginative visuals and its highly addictive factor.

What makes this game stand out is its sheer ingenuity at making use of an uncomplicated item and turn it into something else. The amusement factor is also there and will have you laughing at a zombie who’s got butter on its head or a diver getting pulled under by an evil-eyed seaweed.

PopCap has been known for having plenty of acclaimed casual games under its belt and Plants vs. Zombies is just one more game to add to its hall of fame.

Visit to see more info on Plants vs. Zombies and make sure you stop by and make your own customizable zombie! – Zizi Arcega

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  • 1. Kat  |  May 4, 2010 at 10:17 pm

    There’s a zombie on your lawn! *that’s one heck of a very addicting song*

  • 2. incoherent  |  May 4, 2010 at 10:28 pm

    i didn’t know this was available on NDS!!! i’m going to get it.

  • 3. anneplaza  |  May 4, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    Bring the DS home when you visit so I can play it too. Hehe. 😉


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